What to expect from drinking alkaline water?

Glass of water on nature backgroundAs it is hard to understand what foods are good nowadays it is difficult to choose what kind of water should one drink. Relay on the fact that many foods we consume on daily basis are acidic it might be a good idea to go with alkaline water in order to race the pH levels of the body.

Alkalinity refers to an object’s pH balance (potential for hydrogen): too many hydrogen ions means less oxygen is available to the cells, and leads to higher acidity. Fewer hydrogen ions mean more oxygen is available, leading to a more alkaline, or basic, state.
It’s said that alkaline water offers more key minerals the body needs to function properly, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Alkaline water boosts the metabolism, slows bone loss and aging process, gives the body more energy and offset the effects of acidic foods.